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About Us

Humana Child Aid Society, Sabah (HCASS) is a Malaysian registered NGO that was created to give education to children unable to access Malaysian schools for various reasons. We are dependent primarily on local plantation companies to fund our activities. Our first three centres pioneered in 1991 in Lahad Datu, on request from local plantation workers. Our focus is providing a holistic education. Initially, we were supported by a Corporate Foundation, but now our primary support comes from plantation companies. Most, not all, live up to their responsibility of financing the schools in their plantations, leaving us with an annual shortfall of funds. ​ ​ ​

Our Learning Centres

HCASS primarily serves children who do not have access to education because of distance, affordability and/or legal status. We provide education from kindergarten to grade six. Many of these children complete grade six at a late age because they start school later than most local children. The education provided at our centres is run according to the Malaysian curriculum and with Malaysian textbooks.

We are currently further developing our education program to include STEM, Sports and the Arts. Humana also hosts Indonesian teachers for our programs, financed by the government of Indonesia and besides that over our schools to host CLC's or Community Learning Centres run by the Indonesian government for secondary education.

Many of the children we serve have an “Orang Asing” (foreigner) birth certificate, which prohibits them from attending government schools. By providing education to these children, Humana Child Aid Society seeks to prevent these children from becoming the factor child labourers. Studies indicate that more than 50% of the plantation workers’ children will end up performing child labour if no education is provided. On plantation sites that have established learning centres, child labour is minimal compared to sites with no schools. HCASS is certain that schools in these plantations have helped reduce child labour and most importantly, given these children a chance for a proper education. Please join us in making a difference.

Executive Committee Members

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

In Humana Child Aid Society Sabah, our Executive Committee (EXCO) voluntarily contributes to overseeing the sound development of the Society under the day to day management of the Executive Director and to making decisions affecting its running within the general policy laid down by the general meeting.

The following is a line-up of Executive Committee members who play an important role in formulating policy and direction of Humana Child Aid Society Sabah.

Our Mission

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